creating a website

useful resources for making your own website

For folks less familiar with HTML, but who still want to make a website:

  • Google Sites
    It’s not the prettiest option, but Google offers a service for generating webpages/sites. It is fairly flexible and ties in with other Google services in ways you may find useful.
  • WordPress.com is a blogging service. However, web designers often use WordPress as a content management tool for generating websites. The free accounts on don’t come with the same degree of options you’d get if you provide your own web hosting. However, the different WordPress themes available for your site layout will give you more options than you’d have with Google Sites. If you’re looking to do something very visual, you might find a WordPress theme preferable to Google sites.(Please note: has less options than are available with the full WP download or with their paid services. You’ll want to narrow your searches to the free options.)
  • –
    Wix is a relatively new (and free) website builder. Many people like the options for styling and page-layouts that Wix offers. It also appears to be relatively easy to learn. If you are annoyed by the WordPress dashboard and what a tool that’s a bit more focused on page-layout and design, you may prefer Wix.

Do you have another free service you like? Let me know and I’ll add it to the list!

For folks who know HTML & CSS:

  • 000webhost
    Free Web Hosting with PHP, MySQL, Cpanel & no advertisements.
  • Web Hosting at Your School
    Do you know HTML & CSS? If so, you might want to generate your own site. Many colleges and universities offer web hosting for students and faculty. Check with your school’s tech support services and ask if this is something available to you.

Do you have another tool or service you like? Let me know and I’ll add it to the list!