useful tools for digital projects

tools for generating websites, hypertexts, and online-presentations
Free site and blog generator. (Check out the different theme options!)

Related WordPress Tools

WordPress Themes
Source for free WP themes.

Collaborative editing & commenting tool (WordPress plugin)

Social blogging tool, good for long-form pieces with embedded media.

Google Sites
Website creation tool. Not the prettiest option but it integrates well with other Google tools.

Shorthand Social
Digital publishing/storytelling tool, good for long-form pieces with embedded media.

Site generator (Not free.)

Digital publishing/storytelling tool, good for long-form pieces.

Presentation tool. Allows you to design something like a large/interactive poster. You are able to zoom and move around on this poster to take the audience from one point to the next. Allows you to embed images, text, sound, and video. Very handy and useful, but there is a bit of a learning curve.

Interactive storytelling & game design tool. Allows you to create hypertexts. These are modular digital texts with links connecting different modules to each other– think of a “choose your own adventure” book in digital form. Twine can be used by individuals with little to no HTML experience, but Twine also accepts HTML markup and can be styled/customized. It’s easy to pick up the basics with Twine and, if it’s primarily all text, it’s easy to generate something quickly. Can be more time intensive to make if you want graphics, more complicated loops of choices.

tools for creating interactive and embeddable components for digital projects

Useful infographic/graphics generator. Free and many templates to select form.

Think Link
Generates interactive/annotated images/video.

Timeline generator tool from Knightlab.

Time Toast
Timeline generator

Timeline generator

Image/frame comparison tool from Knightlab. Allows you to juxtapose two images and easily swipe back and forth between them. Very handy for before/after images and when you want point out subtle changes/differences between two images.

Are there other tools you can recommend? Let me know and I’ll add them!